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10/21/08 02:22 AM #8    

Frank Paden

Marty, thank you for being the hub around which the reunion takes form; the volunteers (spokes) who carry the load; and the GHS Class of 1968 (rim) who attended making the perpetual wheel go round and round. Job well done to everyone.
Special thanks to Kerry D. for presenting the military tribute in my absence.
I'm Frank Paden and I approve this message...

10/21/08 05:39 PM #9    

Karyl Foglesong (Van Wageningen)

Thanks to Martha, Linda, Shelley, Pam and all the others who worked on the reunion. It was fabulous - such fun to see so many people after all these years. What a nice group of people we all were.

I haven't laughed so much in ages. I'm looking forward to the next one!

10/25/08 06:10 PM #10    

Arthur Bennett

I have been reading the responses it seems that everone had a great time at the reunion like I did. I think we should meet yearly,let me know if you agree.

10/26/08 02:49 AM #11    

Frank Paden

Yearly, You bet! I've missed too much to wait another ten years for reaquanting with any and all who are up for it!

01/13/09 08:35 PM #12    

Frank Paden

Hello all Cardinals,
A commitee is being formed to oversee the construction of an on-campus Vietnam Memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives during that war and we are gathering names from all years of those who were killed there. As of this posting we can verify seven and are as follows:
Strahl, Richard W GHS '64 Mar 2, 1967
Croxdale, Jack L GHS '66 Nov 19, 1967
Lucas, Michael R GHS '65 Apr 28, 1968
Krisell, James L GHS '67 May 19, 1968
Dimmer, Michael P d.n.g. Dec 30, 1969
Carlson, Richard T GHS '67 Jun 9, 1970
Curran, John D GHS '64 May 25, 1971

If you know of any additional Cardinals whose names should be added please send to: and we will verify and see that they are enscribed.

Thank you,
Frank Paden

04/26/09 04:35 AM #13    

Frank Paden

The plaque has been delivered to Debra Jordan.
God Bless us everyone!

06/09/09 06:34 AM #14    

William Shirley

Personally I prefer the Buffalo Springfield. I saw them at the state fair grounds with Eric Burden and the Animals. Currently I am listening to Madeline Peroux, check her out!

09/04/09 01:51 PM #15    

Pamela Flowers

Linda Walters and I stayed home (at my house) and didn't go to Church to see the Ed Sullivan show with The Beatles. We loved them. In fact, Linda, Patty Bradford, Kay Richardson and I were all in a Beatles Club. I still have Beatles albums and notes from our meetings, and bookmarks, etc.
I loved the Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, Gene Pitney, Patsy Cline, Frankie Vallie, The Temptations, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Doors, The Animals, and even The Monkey's! Ha! I love the old stuff. It brings back such memories of simpler times. Back then is when people could really sing and not just scream. I look forward to seeing everyone again possibly at the 100th GHS celebration in 2011. Keep in touch! Pamela Flowers

12/10/10 04:59 PM #16    

Gordon Arnold Sheriff


          i gordon a. sheriff also went fishing with mike mcnabb oct. 4th -oct.

7th met his family and caught the biggest fish i have ever caught in my whole

life, it was a very meaningful expearance. hopefully i can share more moments

in page again. maybe a group from the class of "68" can meet for just a moment

like i and donald martin had. lets out our minds together and think.



         let the bells ring, allways, gordon

06/22/15 02:46 PM #17    

Michael Dean Ashcraft

Hi Cardinals. Curiosity has trumped my aversion to tecnology. Will be at 50th if alive. Meantime I gots to know, what beautiful GHS girl got in my face at the Rod Stewart concert at Big Surf 1970? That WAS me,just in no condition to talk!/

06/24/15 12:45 AM #18    

Mary G. Pristupa (Quimby)

Remember drivers Ed with Mr. Ham 

11/25/15 09:05 PM #19    

Marsha Giblin (Linker)

The Cardinal Highlights newspaper comes out a few times per year for alumni.  Please any and all contact me, as I write a little column for class of 1968.  or   623-935-5753   

P.S. Put in subject line that you are from class of 1968

10/12/17 04:53 PM #20    

Chris Kissling

Good afternoon classmates hope all is well things in Prescott Valley are great.  If anyone has Pam Flowers phone number it would be appreciated trying to find the list of people attending the 40 year renunion.  Starting beging stages of the next 50 year renunion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you Chris Kissling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Phone  559 974-8113                                                                                                                                                email






10/13/17 10:34 AM #21    

Dan Roy Johnson

A Fifty year reunion, great Idea, I like the Beatles song In My Life, that's a perfect song for a reunion theme.

10/13/17 10:34 AM #22    

Phillip R. Masters

When is the 40 year reunion?

10/13/17 02:59 PM #23    

Martha Wallat (Bruneau)

The time and place for the 50 year reunion of our class has not yet been determined as far as I know. But several of us who helped in the past have been communicating to put together planning committees. We welcome any and all help! Cathy Dunlap has volunteered to
compile the list of volunteers so contact her if you would like input. Cathy will create a Facebook page to help us to communicate so I would contact her there.

10/13/17 03:18 PM #24    

Martha Wallat (Bruneau)

I will be out of the country until the end of January so I won't be able to participate until after that except possibly by Facebook. FYI, the class of 1967 is holding their's this weekend.

Philip please plan your family reunion around us this time so you can come!

10/14/17 09:39 PM #25    

Karyl Foglesong (Van Wageningen)

Hope I can make the 50th. I live in Phoenix now but will be out of the country in May. Chris, let us know if you need help. Thanks so much! Karyl

10/15/17 07:51 PM #26    

Martha Wallat (Bruneau)

Karyl,send a message to Cathy Dunlap on Facebook to let her know you want to help. Anyone who wants to have input should do the same.

Please encourage classmates to make a profile on this page.

10/16/17 06:46 PM #27    

Karen L. Cross (Richardson)

Although I live on the east coast, I'd like to help if there's anything I could do.

10/17/17 12:57 PM #28    

Martha Wallat (Bruneau)

Absolutely Karen! We always need help fi ding list classmates so anyone anywhere can do that! Please contact Cathy by Facebook and have her add you to the committee! Thx!

10/17/17 01:40 PM #29    


Olga Noriega (Sikes)

Have you contact Gordon Sheriff for a list of classmates?  He seems to know everyone and I know he was at the check-in table at the 40th reunion.

10/17/17 03:20 PM #30    

Betsy Karin Elmer (Berens)

Hello, I would love to hear about the 50th Class Reunion. I seem to have missed all the others!

Betsy (Elmer) Berens

10/17/17 08:16 PM #31    

Beth Elaine Goldstone

I would be interested in attending the 50th reunion . Please notify me as to when and where


10/21/17 01:22 PM #32    


Mark Armijo

Glendale 55, Camelback 22 in Homecoming Game last night. Our boys are 7-2. GO CARDINALS!

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